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  • Live in Tunisia
  • Full-Time Freelancer
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Seif is an all-rounder developer and a freelancer since 2010.
His journey as a professional developer started at the age of 15. He was passionate about technology way before that.

His past contracts and positions were mostly focused on Web technologies. So now he is more of a full stack developer without preference of backend or frontend.

Though he aims to become a Generalizing Specialist , he is taking small steps into it.

Seif likes to participate in projects with potential; problem-solving contests; or anything that would appear like a coding challenge.

He enjoy's tech talks, Software Engineering podcasts, developers meetups and discussing ideas.

He is extremely friendly, loves the open-source world and is a part of many communities. Feel free to contact even for a chat.

Short Story

Way before his birth, his father was a technology lover.
Seif found himself surrounded by different tech pieces and gadgets collected by his father (different electronic parts, video gaming consoles, computers...).

Seif grew to like playing around and picked his dad's passion. He enjoyed reading his father's books and magazines. Since then his journey began.

Throughout the years, he spent hours and hours experimenting and playing with computers. But that wasn't all, after obtaining his Computer Science degree, he saw that he was only at the very beginning.

Now, he is excited and focused. He's got his head up, grinned, his soul is staring into reaching the next level.

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